Monday, 20 September 2010

There's a remedy for that?

In my practice I have noticed recently that there has been a recent influx with clients suffering with sleeping issues. Now sleep and the lack of it is not a new phenomenon by any stretch, however, it has I feel become so commonplace that it is almost considered normal.

But what seems to be most worrying is the consuming of prescribed and over the counter medications that are available to help allure perfect rest without addressing the underlying cause as to why one is not sleeping. It may seem like an obvious question and mostly the reasons are stress related. However how does one aim to help this in the long term, taking everyday medications doesn’t remove the cause, and in the long term can lead to dependency but also a state of grogginess of never feeling fully awake.

The reasons people turn to homeopathy is due to the fact they are fed up of not sleeping and are fed up of taking sleeping pills to do so. They have genuine interest in themselves as to why they are suffering and want to deal with the issue in a natural, non-toxic and holistic way that works with them and their symptoms as individuals.

I have one patient who had not slept for months and after taking his case in detail I prescribed the remedy, Coffea. After taking one dose, at the weekend as suggested, he slept for over 12hours in one night and throughout the weekend he continued to catch up until work on the Monday and I am happy to say he has continued to sleep very well since. This example shows whatever you may be suffering with does not necessarily require a course of tablets to be taken everyday just one indicated remedy and one dose in many cases depending on the underlying cause.