Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hayfever Time

It's hayfever time again, and my phone has been off the hook with people looking for alternatives to the over the counter stuff you can get.

Homeopathy is a great alternative, which can help with the acute symptoms, but if you go and seek professional homeopathic advice outside of the hayfever season it can help alleviate or lessen an attack coming on the following year.

Here are some common remedies used for hayfever but remember, these are only a few there are many more as we are all individuals in our suffering.

Euphrasia: eyes inflamed, with profuse watering which seems to burn. Can be a thick discharge from eyes and feeling of pressure. Nose streaming. Better in the open air.

Allium cepa: watery discharge from the nose, can drip, leaving nose sore and raw. Watery eyes. Violent sneezing. Better in the open air.

Arsenicum: burning watery discharge from eyes and nose, with tickling building up to a sneeze. At its worst just after midnight. This patient will be restless and anxious.

Nux vom: sneezing fits, nose, eyes and face very irritated and hot. Itching extends to the larynx and trachea. Eyes light-sensitive. Irritated, impatient and snappy.

Lachesis: sneezing fits worse after sleep. Headache and dry stuffed sensation through the head, with red puffy face and sore nostrils and lips. The throat can also be sensitive, especially to pressure.